Paranormal Directory

Here is a list of businesses, organizations, teams, and researchers that we've worked with and would personally recommend.  If you have a paranormal, cryptid, UFO, weird, or unexplained issue going on in your life, you may want to reach out to these folks first. Feel free to CONTACT US if you would like to be in this directory or have any questions!

Friends of the CreepGeeks Podcast

Friends of the Show
Toby & Toni Afterlife Paranormal 
KD & Katy Stafford: Ghost of Morgan City 

Mary Joyce 
Bigfoot: Beyond the Footprints.  

The SheSquatchers- 

Lisa at Cryptid Comforts:  

Josh Morris from The Everything Paranormal Show   

Twisted Paranormal 
They have a show on Amazon 

Willows Weep: The Beginning  

Cryptozoology Researchers:

Asheville Cryptid Society: Cryptozoology and Paranormal Researcher based in Asheville, serving the greater WNC area.  

Chasing Night Shadows:  Cryptid Researcher for the greater Midwest, experienced technical and professional background.   

Metaphysical, Spiritual, or Occult Resources:

Paranormal Organizations:

Ufology and Extraterrestrials: 

Skyships Over Cashiers: Leading UFO Research for Western North Carolina.

Retreats, Experiences, and more: 

Amadell: A sanctuary for spiritual expression and connection with Nature near Asheville, NC.

Past Lives Project: An intuitive self-discovery process to open your mind to previous lives.

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