Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cheap Wireless Microphone System for Canon

When we head off for adventures or want to record interviews of creepy places.
We're going to be using this microphone kit. It should work for our mini-documentaries.

Cheap Wireless Microphone System for Canon Cameras
$275.00 Wireless microphone setup!
Amazon Link:
https://amzn.to/2MxpgPh $269.00
Extra Transmitter-
https://amzn.to/2PEk622 $129.00
Comica CVM-WM200(C) 96-Channel Full Metal UHF Professional Wireless Lavalier Microphone System
Compatible with Canon 6D 600D 5D2 5D3 Nikon Sony Camera,iPhone/iPad/Smartphones & XLR Camcorders(394-Foot Range)
One transmitter triggered by one receiver which can be used for multiple devices working together,
with auto-scanning for quick channel selection to A/B group.
Group A Wireless Frequency: 520.000MHz~548.500MHz.
Group B Wireless Frequency: 550.000MHz~578.500MHz.
?REAL-TIME MONITORING? With lattice LCD display, HD display dynamic volume test bar and transmitter power,
real-time monitoring of volume and power.
Different frequency channels each with adjustable independent 16 Levels volume controls.
?LCF Low Cut Filtering Mode? Used in a noisy environment for audio recording, it can cut off the low-frequency part for pure and clear output.
Dual channel selection, you can choose mono or stereo switchable output modes.
LONG WORKING DISTANCE?Working distance up to 394 feet (in open area, up to 263 feet in Barrier Area).
By adopting UHF technology, it can realize smooth recording without staccato.
Adjustable RF SIGNAL STRENGTH The CVM-WM200 wireless microphone is made of full-metal manufacturing, with excellent shielding.
When the working distance is within 197 feet, you can switch to low strength mode, which helps to reduce power consumption for longer standby time.
When the working distance is longer than 197 feet, you can choose the high strength mode to improve the audio quality.
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