Friday, November 15, 2019

User Submission- Ashley Long

I mentioned seeing a skinwalker and Mothman (but not bigfoot yet!) on one of your IG posts - so here are my stories (unconfirmed, no scientific data, but I'm stickin to them!)
So, I grew up on the Navajo reservation in AZ. My Dad for worked for Transwestern Natural Gas and they had a sub-station out there.
Anyway, there were many times when there was a skinwalker story or spotting and we'd all load into a pick-up truck and head out into the desert. I never saw one that way, but the stories were part of my day-to-day.
One summer afternoon, all of us kids had gone to where the company airstrip was and set up tents and were doing our typical plaything. I was walking along the fence by the airstrip and noticed a big dark object out in the desert - maybe 50 yards away? I stopped and looked at it - this was flat, no trees, or any plants except rolling tumbleweeds desert, so anything dark and sticking out was out of the ordinary. It looked like a huge, weird dog and at first, I thought that was what it was. But it was too big to be that and while it looked as though it was sitting on its haunches, it also seemed to only be on two legs.
My elementary school brain kicked in and I thought, that's not a dog...a gorilla? and I froze.
It then turned and took off...but not like a dog running away - it almost lept at a very fast pace and disappeared.
I immediately went back to my tent, packed up all of my things and ran home - not saying a word as was typical for my childhood (and all the crazy encounters I had as a white girl living there!)
So, was it confirmed? No. 
I had many nightmares about it and somehow knew, I had finally seen a skinwalker.

The Mothman was just a few years ago. I and 3 of my girlfriends went to Terra Nova for an afternoon/evening and we stayed very late (we were the only ones there except for the employees/owners living there) and we left there around midnight.
My friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat - the other two ladies were falling asleep in the back seat.
We were driving through an area that had a few houses - maybe somewhere on Green River Rd.? Anyway, something very long/large flew alongside the car, then crossed in front of us and disappeared. Both the driver and I saw it and we looked at each other puzzled. What the heck was that? We started going over all the possibilities - an owl? No, way too big and long...dark...very long, very large wings, but not like a typical bird.
Nothing logical fit what we saw.
About a year later, I was telling a friend (who is a shaman) about it and he immediately said, you saw a Mothman.
Last year, another friend was at Terra Nova and he believes he saw one there as well.
After a few conversations with others, I switched my 'Mothman Prophecies' view/image of the Mothman and now see it differently. These mountains are ancient and protected and Terra Nova is a place that is very protected.
I believe that is what we saw and they are part of the protectors in those sacred places.

A side story - many years ago, my ex and I were driving home to Asheville after a trip to visit his family in Ohio. (A trip we took frequently, the route very well known.)
I had fallen asleep and he was driving. When I woke up, we were in some small town I had never seen before and he was frantically trying to look at a map.
I asked where we were and he said he had no clue....he didn't even know how he had ended up in this town.
We drove around until we found highway signs and made our way out and back onto our normal route.
While we talked about how weird that was...we didn't realize just how weird until we went to see the movie, The Mothman Prophecies and realized...holy crap, THAT was the weird town we found ourselves in on our Ohio trip!!

Those are my stories! :)

I LOVE the unknown and paranormal and have had some wild experiences. Have never seen Bigfoot though...

Ashley Long | Cardologer & Intuitive Coach

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