Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Consequences of Shared Experiences

Recently, we've had some difficulty sharing things on Social Media.

In this digital age, everyone is wary of information (especially incorrect information) being spread and the "potential" damage it may cause.  It's a risk, it's a liability that comes with the great tool that is the internet.

However, the fear of liability has, of course, stretched into impractical overreach.

The Last Straw (technically FALSE, but hey, It's too much at this point).

If a headline claims a mystical herb used for thousands of years has some sort of healing properties, you (an entertainment website) may be subject to some form of punishment because the common name for the herb (and all it's subspecies cousins) is not the EXACT name of a plant used in scientific research.  Yep, it's that bad out there.

So, for the sake of the obvious, we have to state the following:

Stories, Tips, Experiences and Paranormal/Fortean Leads shared by CreepGeeks Podcast are submitted by the listener audience and acquaintances of the Podcast. CreepGeeks Podcast is not responsible for the content of shared experiences, stories or leads.  We respect the individual reader or audience member's right to indulge or avoid the content we share at their own discretion.

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