Monday, March 29, 2021

CreepGeeks Listener Comments and Vedic Name Generator?

In this fine episode: We explore our various Social Media accounts for “lost” comments, go on a tangent ranging from Dogman to Celebrity Cryptid Hunters, and explore the generic wisdom of Vedic Numerology!

Welcome to the CreepGeeks Podcast Season 5 Episode 212!

In this Episode- CreepGeeks Listeners Comments!Vedic Name Generator?

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Listener Comments:


  • Rodi- 6 days ago. I did have cotton candy grapes!!
  • Steve W  • 10 months ago- No way was it a black panther that killed Brenda Hamilton because at a minimum, there would be DNA evidence. Also, panthers don't shred their prey like that. They go straight for the throat, in which case the majority of bite wounds would all be in the neck area. The time of the attack, the fact that her dogs were untouched, the severe wounds all over her body, the large jet black shape the neighbors saw run by all points to a dogman. There have been encounters within 60 miles of that area Dogman Encounters Episode 95  
  • Steve W -Here is what may be the best audio recordings ever captured of a dogman. This was recorded in the Lumber River NC state park area, 200 miles from Pantego NC, just 9 months after Brenda Hamilton's death. Go to the 1hr 5min 27 sec mark in the interview Dogman Encounters Episode 294 (2 Dogmen vs 12 Men)    At first you hear coyotes yipping in the distance and then you'll hear three distinct bark-scream-howls that are very close. Just minutes after these howls, the man who recorded this and his friends had a terrifying encounter with two of these things. These bark-scream-howls don't sound like any coyotes or wolves I've ever heard. 
  • 23Prospero37 The pictures that are first sent are just test pictures as they only send a minimal amount of data before the rover goes fully online. There are 26 different cameras on the rover. Some will give better images than the others and some photos will no longer be computer enhanced and closer to the human eye.
  • Rafe Hollister-Great show to my fellow Mackdow homies. More paranormal listener stories, please. I have plenty to share if need be.
  • Windy McGee  • 1 year ago Get a Verizon Hotspot and build out the van.  It needs to be insulated. (during a vancast)


FORTEAN TERM OF THE DAY: Doorway Effect-Psychologists believe that passing through a doorway and entering a different room creates a 'mental block' in the brain, which means that walking through open doors resets the memory to make room for the creation of a new episode. This is generally referred to as the doorway effect.




  • Vedic Name Meaning using Numbers


“Hey girl, What’s your Vedic Name mean? Sheet, I’ll tell you!”



The first step is to write out your full name. Then assign the corresponding value to each letter using the values indicated below. 

For A, I, J, Q, Y, use the number 1

For B, K, R, use the number 2

For C, G, L, S, use the number 3

For D, M, T, use the number 4

For E, H, N, X, use the number 5

For F, use the number 8

For O, Z, use the number 7

For P, use the number 9

For U, V, W, use the number 6

The Vedic system is derived from Hinduism, more specifically the Vedic period when the oldest Hindu scriptures (or Vedas) were written.


  • Greg= 3+2+5+3+7+2+1= 23  So. 2+3 = 5 


Vedic Number 5- Number 5

You’re a charming communicator who gets along well with others and puts people at ease.


  • Omi = 5+1+7+4+1= 18 So. 1+8= 9  Vedic Number 9


Grounded and well rounded you are a wise philanthropist who seeks to help others reach their potential.

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Stanton Friedman- Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a UFO 

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John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries:  

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