Monday, March 8, 2021

VooDoo Dolls, Do Cars Have Souls and Creepy Storytime with Johnny B.

We interview Johnny B Beales Aerial Solutions about a creepy experience with a Voodoo Doll found inside an old Bronco, ponder the concept of cars having souls, explore the Japanese concept of Tsukumogami, and talk about recent drone news.

Welcome to the CreepGeeks Podcast Season 5 Episode 210!

In this Episode-VooDoo Dolls, Do Cars Have Souls and Creepy Storytime with Johnny B.

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Listener Stories:

FORTEAN TERM OF THE DAY: Tsukumogami is the collective name given to a type of yōkai (Japanese spirits or monsters) which are haunted household objects. It’s a Shinto belief that everything has a spirit, so in Japanese folklore, it’s possible for inanimate objects to become sentient.


  • We should do a whole episode on “Things not to buy at the Thrift Shop” 


RANDOM WEIRD THOUGHT- Is the movie Frighteners the “Back to the Future of Paranormal Movies? M.J. Fox is in it. The Frighteners (1996) 


  • Cars and VooDoo Dolls, Story Time with Johnny B., and Commercial Drone Rules changes will make it better for Cryptid Researchers and Indie FilmMakers!


Our Special Guest Johnny B. from Beales Aerial Solutions is with us this episode!

FAA Licensed Aerial Photography based in Hampton Roads Virginia. He also does Quality Drone Cinematography!

If you’re in the Hampton Roads, Elizabeth City, North Carolina area contact him! He does quality work and he understands Cinematography. He’s your photographer at 40 feet. Question- What's the difference between a regular non-licensed Indie FilmMaker with a Drone and Johnny B. from Beales Aerial Solutions? 100,000.00

Beales Aerial Solutions - Home 

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