Monday, June 13, 2022

We Visit the Creepy Chapel of Rest

Why go here?
Preacher Hung himself from the rafters after his wife's infidelity. 
The congregation found him the next day. 
Bloodstain is still there. 
Bible on the pulpit is supposed to tell you the exact way and date you'll die.
The Chapel's front door no matter how well shut will come open

Sheila-  Johnny (the man who was killed by his wife Frankie). 
The people who live around there can tell you that no matter how many times, 
or how well this door is shut, the front door to the church can and often will come open, 
no matter how calm the weather is outside.
Unknown Carolinas- Story has it that in the early 20s the preacher of the church caught his wife cheating on him. He was so distraught about the affair that he hung himself from the rafter above the front pew that Saturday night. 
The congregation found him hanging there when they opened the church the next morning. 
The story continues on to say that his blood stain is still on the floor below where he hung himself and the bible on the pulpit is supposed to tell you the exact date and how you will die. 
After thought-
Why does the Cemetery appear to be warded?

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