Thursday, July 28, 2022

Smoky Mtn Bigfoot, Russia leaving ISS, UFO False Flag and Art Bell.

In this Fine Episode: We review our experience of the Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, theorize why Russia is leaving the ISS, take a deeper look at UAP/UFO false flags and share some Art Bell goodness.

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 This is Season 6 Episode 251: Smoky Mtn Bigfoot, Russia leaving ISS, UFO False Flag, and Art Bell.

I’m Greg and I’m Omi!

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Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Recap- 

*Do Bigfoot bury their dead? -

-Humans do and why?

  • Predators
  • Scavengers
  • Cannibalism?
  • Stench and decay
  • Stay hidden 
  • Emotional 
  • Spiritual

Animals that bury their dead or funeral practices. 

When did we start burying the dead? 

Russia leaving the ISS? Why?

  • Too Expensive 
  • Poorly built Soviet sections?
  • Partnering with China, Russia can’t build it on its own. Probably about 10-12 years in development. Unless China has already started
  • Ukraine war
  • China is building a station with offensive capabilities and Russia benefits from the Partnership. 

UFO False Flag - Mike Bara

Two UFO UAP ideas that don’t make sense.

  • Navigation lights and that secret military craft or Aliens actually adhere to FAA rules.
  • Since no human can withstand the problems with excessive G forces it must be Alien.

Killer Robots are Inevitable

  • Humans weaponizing robots is already happening.
  • AI Drones, Robot Dogs, Cars, Boats, Underwater Submersibles 

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