Sunday, March 12, 2023

Zac Bagans, Dakota, Nick Groff drama, and the paranormal Tea on Ghost Hunts USA.

Zac Bagans, Dakota, Nick Groff drama, and the paranormal Tea on Ghost Hunts USA.

CreepGeeks Podcast Episode 272

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This is Season 7 Episode 272

Zac Bagans, Dakota, Nick Groff drama, and the paranormal Tea on Ghost Hunts USA.

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Paranormal News-

Paranormal and Cryptid TV is dying and it’s creating a ruckus and infighting

Dakota from Destination Fear- Alluded to Zac Bagans having something to do with the show being canceled. 

Then said otherwise. 

But said that there was strife with ZB.

Nick Groff said he was being asked thousands of questions about ZB and GA and said he’d make a follow-up video. TessaG- alluded to something similar on TikTok as well. 

Haunted Hikes- turned out to be a bigger 

Douchebag than ZB. 

He deleted his TikTok after other Tiktokkers called him out.

 There’s been speculation about the ongoing “beef,” as to why NickG left GA. 

No Real info as to why. 

Except that ZB is a douchebag. 

The beef seems to now include DL.

No one has come forward so far with any real information about anything. 

Fans are generally saying the same things- I like this dude more than that dude. Fake evidence! Drama for ratings or renewal! ZB and NG and DL are douchebags. (Pick your favorite.)

My shows are the best, yours sucks.

Why is my show being canceled?!

This is the time of year for shows to be renewed or not. 

  • Discovery+ was probably a mistake and May had a hand in seeing some of your favorite shows not returning for new seasons. 

  • If Discovery+ is failing, that may explain moving shows back to Discovery and The Travel Channel. 

Regardless of who is the bad guy or the real reasons, Paranormal TV and interest in  Paranormal and Cryptids Shows on TV and Film is dwindling. 

It has been since we left Covid. People are less interested. Paranormal, Cryptids, and UFOs are losing popularity.

Here’s what’s the result of this drama-

  • Zach Bagans will still be a douchebag.

  • Ghost Adventures will still be on TV

  • The Majority of Paranormal Shows will still be canceled.

  • Nick Groff will still be doing what he does with a bump in popularity.

  • Dakota May get more episodes or will still be unrenewed.

  • There will be unsubstantiated claims made and a lawsuit may get filed.

  • Discovery+ and Travel Channel will see a bump in popularity.

  • Ghost Hunting USA drama  

  • Wilson’s Castle, multiple locations go vocal about Ghost Hunts USA

  1. Ghost hunts USA Drama 

  2. Laura Hartman Roland

David Childers OMG that's Tyler. Holy crap. Wow. I run the ghost tours at Bobby Mackey's and am also currently owed money from GHU.

  1. Sharon Coyle-Farley

Rolling Hills Asylum parted ways with Ghost Hunts USA back in November 2022 for much the same reasons as Wilson Castle. RHA had enjoyed the many guests visiting from across the country and had been very fortunate to have worked on a consistent basis with several of the on-site GHUSA Crew and really, really enjoyed them. However, the constant lack of and chasing communication from GHUSA Management for the greater part of 2022, as well as chasing payments, neglecting of payment of the final event of 2022, and non deposits for the seven 2023 dates (yet posting these seven-weekend events for sale without a deposit nor contract) as well as other issues - forced me to walk away from the relationship permanently by December 1, 2022 (even though RHA's photo is still under NY on their website- after several asks - they have yet to remove it)

  • More entities coming out of the woodwork as we speak.

  • Former Owner linked to embezzlement:  Former Owner linked?

  • Going to Ghost Hunt USA and interacting with their social media gets you blocked or reported.

  • UPDATE:   

Wilsons Castle Statement: 

Official Statement from Ghost Hunts USA: Ghost Hunts USA does not steal money from locations or attempt to scam them. Over the last several months, we’ve discovered many locations were not paid for events by Tyler Evans due to his overspending of funds in non-essential areas and not having an accurate record of what payments were made. There wasn’t any legal wrongdoing, just mismanagement in the financial area and a lack of oversight.   

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